Do i need house plans 


  1. Shorewater Constructions can customize our service to match your need. If you have no plans; Come to us with your ideas, a sketch and your budget and we can assist you to progress to the stage of having architectural construction drawings, engineering plans and a fixed price contract ready for council approval and building. 

  2. If you already have a house plan, Shorewater Constructions can provide a fixed price quotation based will be provided based on your plans complete with a detailed specification with what is included.

What building contract do you use and when are payments made
  1. We use a HIA building contract that uses plain english language to give you peace of mind to your entitlements as a client. 

  2. Stages of payments are scheduled in your contract and are generally 6 stages these being               1. Deposit - 5% at contract signing                                                                                            2. Base  - 10% at slab or floor stage                                                                                           3. Frame - 15 % once frame & trusses are erect                                                                         4. Enclosed - 35% once lock-up is achieved                                                                                 5. Fixing - plaster and tiling is completed                                                                                    6. Practical Completion - 15% upon practical completion certificate being signed


what happens at Practical Completion


When your project has reached practical completion, you will be notified in writing and a meeting will be arranged on site for you to look over your project and anything that you may deem not complete will be noted on your practical completion certificate and rectified before handover and final payment made. Your 6 year structural guarantee and 6 month warranty period will begin from this date for any matters that may arise during this period as per your contract. 



Can i make changes during construction


Sometimes during construction,a better change to an area in the construction might arise. To enable a finish product that you as the client may want, changes can be made to your contract by way of a contract variation. This will be needed to be signed before we proceed and you will know exactly what this change will cost so as to keep your overall budget on track.

Timber Framing construction

All timber framing material is T2 treated therefore providing you with the peace of mind that comes with the 25 year structural guarantee against termites. 



Does the type Soil of classification affect build cost 

Depending on what your soil classification is may affect the price of your project. Diferrent construction technigues can be used to achieve a build budget that you will have. 


how long does construction take

Construction timeframe will depend of the type and size of your project. Generally new home construction is between 12-15 weeks. Renovations timeframe will vary accordingly to what is required.